Key Stage 2

(Age 7-11 years)

The authors and illustrators listed below are available for virtual visits with UK Key Stage 2 classes.

Check an individual author or illustrator’s listing below to see if they offer free 15-20 minute readings and chats with classes that have read one of their books or longer sessions for a payment. To arrange a virtual visit, click on an author or illustrator’s name to go to their web site where you’ll find book choices, contact details and further information.

Offers FREE 15-20 minute sessions

Offers longer sessions for a payment

Author of Orange for Sunsets, a soaring tale of empathy, hope, and resilience, as two best friends living under Ugandan President Amin’s divisive rule must examine where – and who – they call home.

Author of Harriet versus the Galaxy (Best Children’s Books of the year 2019 – ipaper) a hilarious adventure about a little girl with a hearing aid that can translate alien languages.

Author of Through the Mirror Door, a timeslip adventure, and Eloise Undercover, an adventure set during WW2.

Author of the Knitbone Pepper Ghost Dog series (5 books) and the Picklewitch and Jack series (3 books).

Author of Pax and the Missing Head. In a divided country, New London defends itself behind a giant wall. Pax has the chance to escape the workhouse and join the elite pupils at Scholastic Parliament.

Author of Setsuko and the Song of the Sea.

Author of The Story of Climate Change and 23 other children’s nonfiction picture books inspiring conversation and curiosity about science and our environment, to spark creative projects and action.

Author of the best-selling Stitch Head, Skeleton Keys, Spynosaur, Laura Norder, Anna Gain and Dinkin Dings. Winner of the Blue Peter Book Award and the Portsmouth Book Award.

Author of Princess BMX – the hilarious upside down adventure that brings the fairy tale bang up to date. Get ready for some extreme adventurous fun!

Author of the Dragon Racer Trilogy and the prizewinning Folk Tales series.

Author of the Threads series, The Look, You Don’t Know Me and The Castle.

Author of Bollywood Academy fiction series. Starlet Rivals is the first book in the stage school series, set on Kohinoor Island off the coast of Mumbai. 

International kid’s stand-up comic, author and CBBC script writer.

Author of the Young Samurai series and Ninja series.

Author of Viking Boy, Anglo-Saxon Boy, Revolt Against the Romans, Daisy and the Unknown Warrior, A Bad Day for Jayden, and many other books.

Author of No Ballet Shoes in Syria and Another Twist in the Tale as well as the Somersaults and Dreams books (as Cate Shearwater).

Authors of Sam Silver Undercover Pirate series (Orion), First Blood (Spy Master series), The Lady Grace Mysteries (Random House).

Author of The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart, The Girl with the Dragon Heart, and The Princess who Flew with Dragons, as well as the Improper Magick series.

Author of A Pocketful of Stars, a magical contemporary about grief and belonging. Most recently published the Moonchild duology, a fantasy adventure with magic centred on emotions.

Author and illustrator of The Accidental Diary of B.U.G. series – contemporary, inclusive, accessible comedies certain to make everyone laugh out loud!

Author of The World’s Greatest Space Cadet (Bloomsbury), Weird Wild & Wonderful (Otter-Barry Books), The Story Of The Wolf / Electric Guitar (Big Cat).

Author of the Dr Kitty Cat and Al’s Awesome Science series, and lead writer of Dinosaur Cove.

Author of the Celestine and the Hare series: Small Finds a Home, Paperboat for Panda, Bertram Likes to Sew, Bert’s Garden. Stories of a small act of kindness and craft/eco activities.

Author of Call Me Lion an uplifting story of a boy dancer with Selective Mutism and his friendship with the girl next door.

Author of How to Think Like a Coder: Without Even Trying!

Author of Will’s War.

Author of the Jack Brenin series, a magical fantasy adventure, suitable for all ages including young at heart adults! I have lots of props and artefacts to show and always happy to answer questions.

Author of House on the Edge.

Author of Help! I Smell a Monster and Whoa! I Spy a Werewolf, a comedy adventure series with added fur and claws!

Author of the award-winning What’s That in Dog Years and the Carnegie-nominated The Soup Movement. Other titles include My Embarrassing Dad’s Gone Viral and Make Me Awesome.

Author of dark comedy series, Mort the Meek and Jim Reaper, as well as animal adventure series, Little Animal Rescue for younger middle-grade readers.

Author of Knighthood for Beginners, Wizarding for Beginners, King Dave: Royalty for Beginners.

Author of The Memory Cage, The Messenger Bird, The Jaguar Trials, Arrowhead and The Warrior in the Mist.

Author of The Great Fox Illusion and The Great Fox Heist.

Author of the Sky Pirates series for 9-12s.

Author of Nen and the Lonely Fisherman (Owlet Press) and Violet’s Tempest (Lantana).

Author of King of the Swamp and The PetCatherine’s workshops for KS2 focus on storytelling, and how to write either ‘Brilliant Beginnings, Middles and Endings’, or ‘How to Create Cracking Characters’

Author of The Santa Trap, The Clockwork Dragon, Here Be Monsters, The Conjuror’s Cookbook series, The Emperor’s New Clones, Doohickey and the Robot and the Captain Comet books.

Author of The Accidental Pirates duo, Mirror Magic and Storm Hound. Fast-paced, exciting and funny fantasy adventures for confident readers.

Author and illustrator of the I Can Draw series of step-by-step drawing books featuring characters based on simple shapes such as wild animals, pets, unicorns, robots and more!

Author of Help I’m an Alien – Hilarious story of three friends, a misunderstanding and a lot of ice.

Author of over 100 picture books for children, including the best-selling Aliens Love Underpants series of books. I write stories to inspire, gently encourage, entertain and make you laugh out loud!

Author of Darwin’s Dragons. Victorians, famous figures, science, natural history and evolution, animal welfare, conservation, writing tips process and inspiration. Includes PowerPoint, interactive.

Author of The Diamond of Drury Lane, The Tigers in the Tower, Jane Austen Investigates, The Companions Quartet and much much more!

Author of Just Like Me; 40 neurologically and physically diverse people who broke stereotypes. Online readings, neurodiversity talks, presentations and Q&A sessions available.

Author of the action-adventure series Chasing Danger. Sara has inspired, written or edited nearly 100 books for children. She teaches Goldsmiths University’s MA class on writing for children/teens.

Author of Mold and the Poison Plot.

Authors of The Skies Above My Eyes, The Street Beneath My Feet, What Did The Tree See, The Bella Balistica series and many more.

Author of the Hideaway Hotel series. Fun, interactive workshop based around travelling back in time.

Author of King Bones.

Author of The Case of the Exploding Loo.

Author of poetry collections like The Book of Not Entirely Useful Advice, comic novels like the Fizzlebert Stump series, and odder books like The Song from Somewhere Else.

Author of the ArloRose Gold and Dark Unicorn series. Themed sessions including seasonal and poetry as well as question time.

Author of the Clifftoppers series, Murder in Midwinter, Murder at Twilight, Bus Stop Baby, Dear Scarlett, Saving Sophia and The Boy Who Flew.

Author of How To Write A Poem and The SeaBEAN Trilogy.

Author of The Goose Road, suitable for Year 6 studying World War 1, the war poets, and our shared English and French history.

Author of The Wild Way Home (Waterstones Children’s Book of the Month) and The Way to Impossible Island (coming very soon) – wild, heartfelt Stone Age adventures

Author of Zinc. World War 2 and siblings George, John and Eva are each fighting in their own way. Secret agent George parachutes into Slovakia, John breaks codes, Eva is stranded in enemy territory.

Author of the Grk books and the Dragonsitter series.

Author of Finding Gobi Young Adult Book. The incredible true story of Dion running a race across Gobi Desert in China, he didn’t expect he would meet Gobi & go on an incredible journey together.

Author of Guardians of the Wild Unicorns, The Titanic Detective Agency, A Pattern of Secrets, The Mixed Up Summer and The Awkward Autumn of Lily McLean.

Author of picture books, including Here Be Dragons, This Book Can Read Your Mind and The Terribly Friendly Fox.

Author of the Unlikely Adventures of Mabel Jones and Embassy of the Dead.

Author of Ghostcloud, a soaring adventure with a mixed-race protagonist and themes of courage, hope and finding your voice. I am a trained primary teacher and happy to provide follow-up activities.

Author of the award-winning Dougal Daley series: It’s NOT my Fault!, Where’s my Tarantula? and I’m Phenomena.

Author of Carnegie-nominated Little Bird Flies and Little Bird Lands historical adventures, Catching Falling Stars evacuee novel and St Grizzle’s School series of funny books.

Author of The Doomspell, Breathe (a ghost story) and Going Home.

Author of mainly humorous books such as the best-selling, award-winning World of Norm series (Hachette) and Noodle the Doodle (Barrington Stoke). General chats, readings, songs, Q&As.

Author of Early Readers Bug Belly Babysitting Trouble and Bug Belly Froggy Rescue.

Author of Lost Magic – The Very Best of Brian Moses and Selfies With Komodos offering my poetry and percussion show so children can discover how percussion can be use to underpin rhythms of poetry.

Spectacular starts to topics, readings, discussions, writing workshops.
Author of Jungle Song, This is the Tree, This is the Oasis, This is the Reef, This is the Mountain, The Snoops, Arctic Song.

Author of Here be Dragons.

Author of The Missing Barbegazi and The Hungry Ghost.

Author of Football Academy, Foul Play and Roy of the Rovers.

Author of the Accidental Wizard series (Scholastic)

Author of The Great Reef Race, Which Witch is Which?, The Unpleasant Tale of the Man-eating Christmas Pudding and The Magic Custard Factory.

Author of I Don’t Like Books. Never. Ever. The End. and This Book Has Alpacas And Bears – ideal for looking at how to create a picture book. Works super well with Years 3 & 4.

Author of Mark of the Cyclops: An Ancient Greek Mystery, Secret of the Oracle: An Ancient Greek Mystery and Pirates of Poseidon: An Ancient Greek Mystery.

Author of My Name is River, an adventure story set in Wales and Brazil. Dylan, a farmer’s son, has grand plans which need constant adjustment as reality hits him in the face. Top Dog is the prequel.

Author of Milton the Mighty and Milton the Megastar – starring the teeniest superhero and his spidery friends, as they tackle arachnophobia, fame, fake news and environmental disaster!

Author of Do Not Disturb The Dragons, How To Wash a Woolly Mammoth, There’s a Lion in My Cornflakes.

Author of The Dollmaker of Krakow, a fusion of fairy tales, Slavic folklore, and World War II history that illustrates the power of love and the inherent will to survive even in the darkest of times.

Author of The Silly Book of Side-Splitting Stuff (winner of the Blue Peter Book Award), Wild Facts about Nature and many other non-fiction books which combine facts and humour.

Author of I Don’t Like Poetry (Bloomsbury), I Bet I Can Make You Laugh (Bloomsbury), Welcome To My Crazy Life (Bloomsbury), Yuck and Yum (Troika). I am able to offer fun poetry performances and Q&A.

Author & illustrator of Unipiggle The Unicorn Pig: Unicorn Muddle, Dragon Trouble. The Scruffs Series, Stan Stinky books and illustrator of Dick King-Smith’s Sophie series among others.

Author of Who Framed Klaris Cliff? and Swan Boy. Both books suitable year 5+ Available for short readings, questions, talks on these books, character development, and being a writer.

Author of SWITCH (Oxford) and Monster Makers (Scholastic) – for age 7-9, The Shapeshifter Series, Unleashed Series, Night Series, Frozen In Time, Dark Summer, Car-Jacked and others.

Author of the How to Hide a Lion series and many more picture books.

Author of Love you Always, What will you dream of tonight?, The Mouse’s Apples and many more, I am a former primary school teacher who loves to explore storytelling with children.

Author of Why Space Matters to Me. There are loads of space books, but very few tell kids why they should care about the universe. We look at how weather, food, time and more are all linked to space.

Author of dozens of books for KS2 readers including Moth: An Evolution Story, Exploring the Elements, This Book is Not Rubbish, This Book will (Help) Cool the Climate and Fox: A Circle of Life Story.

Author of The Goldfish Boy, The Light Jar, The Day I Was Erased, Owen and the Soldier and more.

Author of the Penpals on Pluto (Letter to Pluto) chapter book series and the middle grade Turns Out I’m an Alien series.

Author of Out of the Smoke, a gripping adventure set in Victorian London. Follow Billy the chimney sweep as he rises through the ranks of the criminal underworld. Based on the work of Lord Shaftesbury.

Author of the Crafty History series (BSmall Publishing)

Author of middle-grade fantasy novels Aesop’s Secret, Key to Kashdune and Servalius Window.

Author of The Great Canal Clean-up (Oxford Reading Tree, Level 12).

Author of The Switching Hour and The Creature Keeper.

Author of When the Bell Goes, Odd Socks!, SSSSNAP! Mister Shark, Yuck & Yum etc offering interactive poetry performances, Q&As, poetry writing workshops, virtual book sales/signings etc.

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